Phase programme design graphique


The first year (semesters 1 and 2) is a common core. A year of determination, the technical, practical and theoretical fundamentals are taught.
At the end of semester 2, all students choose the option that they wish to continue. The achievement of 60 credits is required for passage in semester 3





The programme phase (semesters 3 to 6) is determined by the allocation of 120 credits. The fundamentals taught during these two years open up for methodological approaches applied to optional fields of art and graphic design.
At the end of semester 4, all the ECTS credits are validated by the obtaining of a certificate, the CEAP (Certificate in Visual Art Studies, issued by the school and approved by the Minister responsible for culture). At the end of the third year, the DNAP (National Diploma in Visual Arts) Art or Design option is the outcome of the first cycle of studies.

The DNAP is taking place at the art school in June. The tests consist of examining the educational file of the candidates, a selection made by the students of significant work of their three years of study and an interview with the jury.

The jury of the DNAP consists of three members: a chairman, a teacher from another school or an externalartistic individual and the coordinating teacher of the year.

Candidates cannot take the DNAP tests more than twice.



The candidates for the DNAP exams are graded based on four criteria:

  • - formal and critical presentation of the work

  • - origin and evolution of the project

  • - cultural inscription of the work (relevance of references and diversity of knowledge) and quality of the work completed.

Each of these criteria is graded out of five. An average of ten is required for graduation. A distinction may be attributed from a grade above fourteen. Congratulations from the jury are given to candidates whose grade reaches or exceeds sixteen.