The Graphic Design and Interactivity Department aims to train young designers who will work in the fields of graphic design, multimedia and contemporary art, and who will be able to integrate into the public space. It is as much a question of shaping a professional future as of participating in the construction of their personality.The second cycle of this department consists of three Teaching and Research Units (U.E.R) which are all specific courses within the DNSEP Graphic Design.

-       U.E.R « Art Media Environment » - English bilingual education
This U.E.R. consists of French-English bilingual classes, it is a profoundly international project. Today, a whole field of art is fuelled by digital or transversal practices, generated by both artists and designers: digital art, hybrid art, environmental art, genetic art, bio-art, etc. 
This U.E.R is based on a dual notion: both critical of our media & technological environment and developing a reflection on ecology. It is anchored in the materiality of the projects, which – if they use digital – give life to achievements/sculptures/installations that can act in the public or private space. The development of FabLab is essential to this U.E.R. It is also fuelled by exchanges with the research professors from the University of Le Havre and with the various scientific laboratories of the universities.


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